Urmaug's Secret - a Guild Wars 2 Easy Jumping Puzzle

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A good guide to Guild Wars 2 jumping puzzles is here! I am going to walk you through an easy one, Urmaug's Secret. To start, you must enter into Urmaug's cave at the far Eastern end of Lion's Arch. As you can see, it is East of the Eastern Ward, in the Postern Ward. My Waypoint is at the entrance to his cave.

Urmaug's cave entrance. Walk past Urmaug and into the tunnel visible to his left.

Find these rocks at the back of the cave that look like stairs and jump up the three steps. As you make the jumps you will miss sometimes, just start back over here.


From the top of the stairs, you need to jump across to the platform against the wall. Once there, turn right and jump to the one that is currently to your right and also against the wall.

Now you are on the second platform. The tall rock in front of you is where you need to jump. Make sure you turn yourself to face the rock and jump directly at it. This is a hard jump.


From the tall rock, jump to the broad platform directly across from you. Once you get there, jump on the next ones following around the room.

From the last broad platform you jump onto the cliff you are about to scale.


Jump left and right to move further up the cliff.

Once you are at this point, you must jump to the rock on your right sticking out.


You have reached the top of the hard part when you see dirt. Jump on the dirt and walk to the second cliff.

View looking down at the cliff just scaled.

Bottom of second cliff. This is an easy one to jump up. Jump up the rocks till you get to dirt again.

Almost at the top of the second cliff.

On dirt for the second time. Follow the dirt to the chest ahead.

You have to jump over these rocks.

Finally the chest. You can get this chest once per day per character. I received on one day a Berserker's Pirate Coat, level 71 Fine, an Opal Crystal, level 65, and a Cleric's Speargun, level 68. I hope you enjoy this easy jumping puzzle.

Published Jul. 22nd 2013


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