Ellen Page's Naked CGI Body in Beyond: Two Souls

A Reddit user gained access to a nude character on Beyond Two Souls.

Earlier this month, Reddit user dgmockingjay uploaded screenshots of the shower scene in Beyond: Two Souls. The reason this is a big deal is because the screenshot images show Ellen Page naked. The game's shower scene never shows Page's bare breasts; however, the user was able to obtain access of this by manipulating the game's camera to show the naked body while in debug mode. 

A Kotaku source confirmed that Page's nude body was indeed in the game. The source also noted that although the developers of the game disallowed access for cheats, the free-camera functionality was left enabled! If the nude model had been deleted, hackers like dgmockingjay might not have been able to gain access of the footage in the first place. 

According to Escapist Magazine, a Sony PR rep said that "it's not actually her body." However, Sony also said that this situation is "very damaging to Ellen Page" and that they are trying to remove any postings of the situation, so to "end the cycle of discussion around this."

Although some sources say Page will be suing Sony for this, Page has not publically commented on the situation as of yet. 

Last Thoughts

Why would Quantic Dream or Sony have the characters nude body in a full-detail? Why wouldn't they delete it so that hackers like the Reddit user don't obtain access to it? Sure, the body may not truly be Page's and instead it may be that her face was placed into the CGI body, but why would they keep this?

Published Aug. 24th 2020
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    They didn't "keep it". It's a friggin model. That's what they use to make games "realistic" right? Did people expect Quantum Dream to use a floating head and arms and hands with no body?
  • Alexa Serrano
    Well what people are saying is that they used the nude model and then from there blacked or "censored" parts of it. So people are saying they should have then removed the unedited or uncensored part of it. Of course they can use model to make it realistic. .. that's not the argument. The argument is that If they wanted to censor it then they should have removed that unedited uncensored version of it from system.
  • Alskari
    Not to say it is the most thorough method, but I would expect that the 'censoring' was most easily done as a different object or layer. This method would let you quickly place something over the model without having to edit it. I haven't seen the actual game footage, but I suspect the censor is something more subtle than black bands like tape over the generic model's unmentionables.

    I find the tone most people are taking with this a bit ridiculous. These pictures are more comparable to erotic fan art or photoshopping than to nude pictures.

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