New Splatoon update announced during Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct announced new content available for Splatoon!

Nintendo is planning on continuing to support it's smash hit Splatoon with free updates until at least January of 2017. Two all new stages and a slew of new outfits will soon be coming to Nintendo Wii U owners. Yesterday, the game went live with a new update that added 40 new pieces of gear to collect, including new winter-themed ones to fit the holiday season.

Additionally, the all-new Museum d'Alfonsino stage will be arriving tonight at 6 PM PST. The stage features five rotating platforms in the center of the area that'll make players really think about the best angles they need to splat their foes.

Another stage, Mahi Mahi Resort, will be launching this week as well. This area is rather unique in that it's based around a pool of water, something rather deadly to the inkling players. But at the end of the match, the water level will lower and players will have to ink all new turf right up until the very last second.


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Published Nov. 13th 2015

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