Call of Duty Modern Warfare Drops Care Package of Info for Season 2 Battle Pass

Here's what you get in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Season 2 Battle Pass in both the free and paid versions.

We're at the beginning of a new season in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and that can only mean one thing: a new Battle Pass. Infinity Ward released new information on the Modern Warfare Season 2 BP, which is out today. 

Whether you decide to buy the premium version or just stick with the free one, there's lots of loot to unlock whether you're playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. But what do you get for the price this time around? 

As was the case with the previous Battle Pass, this season's new weapons are available in both the free and paid tiers, with the Grau 5.56 unlocking at Tier 15, and the Striker 45 unlocking at Tier 31. Players in the free tier will also be able to earn 300 CoD points and other goodies, such as charms and cards. Oh, and everyone will get access to the Rust map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The premium Battle Pass will have a huge slew of cosmetic items and currency, but for the most part, you can be safe in the knowledge that CoD hasn't gone pay-to-win. 

Players in this tier gain access to Simon "Ghost" Riley, the game's new operator, alongside a new Operator mission. On top of that, there are 100 Tiers of unlocks, Operator skins, tokens, and 1,300 CoD points. 

So, for just $9.99 (or 1,100 CoD points) there's still a couple of good reasons to invest your hard-earned money if you're going to be playing a lot of Modern Warfare

Also, just in case you missed it, you should have a read up on whether or not there will be a new entry in the series this year (yes, obviously there will be, but there are more details in the link above, I promise). 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on the Call of Duty series and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as it develops. 


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Published Feb. 11th 2020

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