Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Revealed

Snag exclusive DLC, 48-page art book, and a 9" Aloy statue for one of PlayStation's most anticipated action RPGs.

Along with a new 2017 release date and trailer, Horizon Zero Dawn now has a collector's edition filled to the brim with extra goodies for those willing to spare the extra buck.

As revealed by Amazon, the content of the $120 collector's edition includes; a mantle-worthy 9" statue of the game's protagonist (Aloy) by Gentle Giant, as well as a steelbook case, a 48-page artbook, an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme, and enough in-game DLC for Aloy to start a small, yet respectable post-apocalyptic clothing line.

Below is a breakdown of all the DLC content included in the collector's edition version of Horizon Zero Dawn:

  • CARJA STORM RANGER ARMOR: Fashioned by the proud, ceremonial Carja tribe, this special armor has been crafted with an eye for showy appearance.
  • CARJA STRIKER BOW: The Carja defend their great Sundom with stone fortifications and military might. This finely-made bow, fit for a captain's hand, puts additional stopping power behind every arrow fired.
  • CARJA TRADER PACK: Rare and precious Machine parts are always in demand on the metal markets of the Carja Sundom.
  • BANUK TRAILBLAZER ARMOR: A sturdy outfit made by the nomadic Banuk tribe, hunters and shamans from the harsh northern territories.
  • BANUK CULLING BOW: The Banuk claim a spiritual understanding of the Machines, and put their harvests of Machine parts to many uses.
  • BANUK TRAVELLER PACK: Though rarely encountered, Banuk explorers have left their intricate tribal marks across the breadth of the known world.
  • NORA KEEPER PACK: The Nora are extraordinarily skilled and inventive at using machine components in their own devices.
  • NORA MACHINE TRAPPER PACK: Even the most experienced Nora hunter never goes into the wild unprepared.

Developer Guerrilla Games, best known for their first-person shooter series Killzone, recently debuted a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn that revealed a later-than-expected release date. Managing director Hermen Hulst has assured that development for their upcoming action RPG is "full steam ahead" and believes the new release date affords them "the extra time required to deliver fully on our ambitious vision for Horizon Zero Dawn."

Expect to see Horizon Zero Dawn hit store shelves February 28th, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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Published Jun. 7th 2016

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