Someday You'll Return Trailer Shows Off Eerie Setting, Creepy Game Mechanics

This psychological horror game from CBE Software draws influence from The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter.

The development duo behind narrative adventure J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars is back with first-person psychological horror game Someday You'll Return. CBE Software recently confirmed the game will release on April 14. The game was originally set to release in 2019. 

Alongside the release-date news, CBE also shared a brand-new teaser trailer highlighting the game's mechanics. Some broad strokes of the title's story can also be seen above.

The development team said of the game:

What would you do if your daughter never came home but you could track her down?

It’s not the first time she ran away. But you’re uneasy … this time feels so different. Long ago, you swore never to return here. And now, she has dragged you back. Your search leads deep into ancient Moravian forests and reveals secrets that should have stayed buried.

While your survival skills and quick wits might advance your search, malevolent forces rise up against you. There are nightmares you can’t fight and win. Some of them … could be yours.

This horror tale examining the fears of fatherhood and the refusal to accept the past arrives will first release on PC via Steam download. It is set to find its way to PS4 and Xbox One sometime later this year. 

What do you think of the trailer, and how do you think Someday You'll Return will tack up against other psychological horror titles like Layers Of Fear and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter?

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Published Feb. 5th 2020

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