European Union Gets a Square Enix Christmas Surprise

If you're fond of mystery bundles, Square Enix is offering one on the EU store, although surprisingly not the NA one.

Square Enix is all about surprises this holiday, it seems. Yesterday unveiled a new addition to the Apple Store, when the original, unadulteratedTomb Raider I appeared for $0.99. 

And for those of you in the EU, you'll be getting even more surprises.

One of the splash pages for the Square Enix store is for their mystery Christmas bundle, costing 6.49 (£4.99) with an advertised value of at least £50 (RRP or equivalent). This holiday assortment bundle is available only for a limited time and sold exclusively through the Square Enix store. It's intended as a Christmas present to store shoppers although there is no way of knowing what is inside.

So what do we know?

The Square Enix Christmas Surprise is available for purchase until December 20 (12:00 PM GMT) and will contain four PC Downloadable Games (Steam Keys) which are giftable after purchase.

A confirmation email with the full contents of the Square Enix Christmas Surprise will be sent on the afternoon (GMT) of December 20, and payment is taken at the time that the order is placed.

Not precisely a preorder, at least as far as payment is concerned, but pretty close. 

Time to play guessing games...

As for the titles that are likely to be included? Well, there's always the possibility that there will be a brand new release that gets outed, or the upcoming big name release of Thief - but will it be included in a bundle priced at just a little over 8 US dollars? From Square Enix? Unlikely.

So what are the options? The re-release of Final Fantasy VIII has hit the digital shelves of Steam's storefront for a healthy period of time now, perhaps that will feature in the mystery Christmas box if Final Fantasy VII does not. Tomb Raider has been making waves with announcements over the newly-announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and it has also been on sale for about 75% off recently on various sales - it's probable it'll make the cut. 

Other likely titles include the Hitman series, Sleeping Dogs, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Maybe even Final Fantasy XI?

For those of you who already have some of these titles in your Library, it's probably a good idea to give this mystery bundle a pass. However it might make for a decent Christmas present for those friends who are on the lagging end of the gaming curve.

Keep in mind that Square Enix does region-lock some of their Steam titles (although not all, Deus Ex and Sleeping Dogs for example), so those from North America interested in picking up a steal (or can't resist a surprise), might be taking a bigger risk than simply owning one or more of the bundled games.

Those of you still interested in buying can find it at the Square Enix store here

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Published Dec. 18th 2013

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