How to get "True Believer" - Lego Marvel Super Heroes Guide

Get True Believer by making sure that you smash everything you can that is able to be targeted.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes has released and I quickly lost track of five hours fighting as several different Marvel super heroes. Starting out in the same scene as the demo, we begin our journey as Iron Man and the Hulk and a blockade of cars and other large vehicles, like a bus.

True Believer = Smash Everthing

At the end of each board, a tally is done by percentages of the board completed. My first go round, I ended up the first stage with a grand total of 79%. During the second stage, I took more of my time to ensure that everything I could smash to bits was obliterated. As the stage ended, I found as the game tallied up my completion that I had hit True Believer. I had also managed to collect one of ten canisters in the board which I had not done in the first board.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes so far has been fun to play. Watch for more tips and walk-throughs as I journey to save New York and the rest of the planet in this grand adventure.

Published Oct. 23rd 2013

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