Prison Architect Cleared for Transfer Expansion Releasing May 14

Prison Architect is due for a new free expansion come May 14.

Prison Architect was acquired by Paradox Interactive last year, enabling it to continue to get updates well-after the original developers at Introversion Software decided it was time to call it quits on updates to the popular management sim.

Since then, Prison Architect has gotten two pieces of paid DLC, the more notable being the Psych Ward DLC pack adding new features and functionality.

However, there's something on the horizon if you don't want to spend more money on your personal Prison Architect adventure: the upcoming Cleared for Transfer expansion.

Releasing May 14, the Cleared for Transfer expansion plans to allow players even more control over their inmates. Players will be able to assign privileges based on security sectors, and prisoners will be able to transfer up or down security sectors based on their behaviors and the parameters set by the player.

The expansion will also allow for a wider range of choice and flexibility in regards to security sectors, and it will give the option to do shakedowns, lockdowns, and so on by sector rather than the entire prison.

These are all features I know I've wanted, and console players don't have to feel left out from here on out.

Paradox Interactive has also announced they've taken over publishing for the console versions of Prison Architect, meaning future expansions and DLC will make it to consoles as well. Though they have not mentioned any plans to bring the already-released DLCs and this upcoming expansion onto other platforms yet.

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Published Apr. 22nd 2020

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