Baker Team DLC Coming to Rambo: The Video Game Tomorrow

Rambo: The Video Game gets some free DLC, two years and a console generation after its release.

Rambo: The Video Game will be getting a free DLC update, publisher Reef Entertainment announced today.

Available for PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game, the Baker Team DLC adds three new missions to the on-rails arcade shooter, as Rambo leads Baker Team on a covert mission deep in Viet Cong territory. Players will also be able to upgrade Rambo to level 25 and try their hands at a new “John Rambo” difficult setting, which rewards a 1.5x score multiplier.

Five new weapons will be added to the game: the CAR15, MP44, SPAS12, XM79 and PPSH41; all unlocked via five new Trautman Challenges.

The shooter will offer five new perks for players to experiment with, as well as eight new Trophies and Achievements to unlock.

Released in 2014, the game was critically panned by many for its poor graphics, brevity and old-fashioned on-rails, score attack shooter design. Its full retail price was the ultimate nail in the coffin for some reviewers.

We’ve reached out to Reef Entertainment regarding the DLC’s lack of availability for the Xbox 360 version of the game and will update this article should we hear back.


Daniel Price is a freelance video game journalist. He’s a major survival horror genre lover, XCOM fanatic and tea enthusiast.

Published Apr. 23rd 2016

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