Are Open World Games Becoming Cliche?

Are all open world games the same?

Open world games allow players to explore every piece of content that there is -- leave no stone unturned! Unlike other games out there, open world games allow for freedom. Taking your time with certain quests, minding your own business by not having to rush to complete the main story, and countless of hours of side content. But, with so many open world games out there, is the whole genre becoming cliche and outdated?

Fallout 4

The answer is no!

Personally, that is definitely not the case. Open world games are great simply because of what they allow players to do. An article written by a fellow writer tells what makes games great, and that can definitely apply to open world games! You are not restricted to just one plot line or storyline! You can do whatever you want. Explore the wilderness or other regions of the game, spend time doing side quests, the possibilities are really endless! Open world games are "open world" for a reason. They allow players to have the freedom of exploration and navigation.

Skyrim: Special Edition

Setting matters!

Whether it's the nuclear wasteland in the Fallout series, or the snowy regions of Skyrim, open world games are appreciated for their landscapes and geographical settings. Players want to explore areas that are visually appealing, and of course, offer great and useful rewards as well! Would you rather visit a place once in any other genre, or unlimited times in an open world game? Setting is what establishes a great open world game. The more beautiful and gorgeous the lands are, the more players want to explore them.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Lots of content!

There is a reason why players put hundreds of hours into open world games. There is  A LOT to discover and find out! Like previously stated, players aren't limited to just the main plot line. Side content and side quests can take up as much of that time as well. I personally have put over 200 hours into the original version of Skyrim simply because there was so much to do (and explore).

It's absolutely fascinating the amount of content open world games pack. You discover a certain location, there is a story to that location. Or, you meet a total stranger during your adventures, and he gives you a quest that might send you to other places in the game. Gamers appreciate side content that allows them to further discover the game. One other example is Witcher 3, because it has an insane amount of content. Monster contracts, multiple geographical landscapes to travel to, Gwent quests, you name it!


Far Cry 4


There is a good reason why open world games like Witcher 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4, etc. win so many awards and fan appreciation. Because they are open world games packed with engaging content! A Reddit thread discusses how many hours players have put into Fallout 4 shorty after its release. It's absolutely insane (for a good reason)!

If some might think that open world games are boring, then what will they say about games that pertain to other genres like FPS for example? Walking around and constantly shooting at your proponents might get repetitive over time. Isn't that a cliche as well then (except for Fallout and Far Cry because those are open world)?

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released next fall. Millions are already looking forward to the title. But, not because of the game itself, but also because of the setting, the content, and the story! 

Open world games will never become a cliche because each one is very unique, different, and offers a totally varying experience every time.


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Published Apr. 17th 2018

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