Slavic Nations Culture Pack is out now for Total War: Attila

It's time to abandon the civilised world in favour of tribal warfare in Northern Europe!

Creative Assembly has released their 8th paid expansion pack, the Slavic Nations Culture Pack, for Total War: Attila.

The add-on brings three new factions; the Anteans, the Sclavenians, and the Venedians, bringing us up to the time the Roman Empire fell. It also adds several new gameplay features that are exclusive to the newcomers.

As mentioned in the spotlight video (featured above) the Slavic nations bring with them the following additions:

  • New cultural group
  • New religious group
  • New campaign mechanics
  • Unique victory conditions
  • Unique events
  • Unique units

Each of the new factions have their own distinctive play styles and will differ from each other in diplomacy, campaign strategy and combat; each with their own strengths and weaknesses. They also do not suffer from attrition in the snow which means they can develop towns and cities anywhere they please.

In addition; for the first time ever in Total War history, victory on the campaign map is achieved by building Slavic 'wonders', i.e. buildings of huge national significance. As stated in the video:

These wonders are both difficult to achieve and to maintain but also offer an array of provincial and faction wide benefits.

The Slavic Nations Culture Pack is available for download right now on Steam for £5.99.

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Published Feb. 27th 2016

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