Nintendo Releases Demo for Fantasy RPG, Miitopia

Nintendo has released a demo for their upcoming title Miitopia, and it's available to download today.

The highly anticipated return of Miitopia is approaching in less than a month on May 21, 2021. In preparation for that, Nintendo has released a demo for the upcoming title that lets players explore the first area. The demo is available for download now. 

The demo includes the first area of the game, where players can create and customize their own Mii and cast the rest of the characters along their journey as anyone they like, whether that's a best friend, a grandfather, or a frightening neighbor across the street.

Miitopia is a fantasy RPG game starring you, your friends, and anyone you decide to cast in your journey. Originally released on the 3DS, Miitopia has a history of engaging, funny, and charming gameplay and that same spirit looks to be captured with the upcoming Switch release. 

Any progress made in the demo will also carry forward into the full release, so for those who already have their heart set on Miitopia, downloading the demo will let them get a head start on the game's story before release. 

Miitopia launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on May 21, 2021.


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Published Apr. 27th 2021

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