Set Sail On Your Table With Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game

Sea of Thieves is receiving a tabletop RPG version with a box set, or a PDF rules set for those who want to play now.

The hit pirate multiplayer game Sea of Thieves is being developed into a tabletop RPG by Mongoose Publishing. Taking the fast-paced swashbuckling action from the digital world to the physical world, Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game is designed for masters of tabletop to novices alike. 

Mongoose Publishing states that the game is designed for quick action, problem-solving, and fun using the Avast system. The rules are reportedly simple and easy to follow, which the developers say makes it perfect for casual players.

Players will race other pirates for treasure, fight Skeleton Captains, brave Megalodons, and set out on Voyages for the Order of Souls.

There is a box set available for $76, or the rules can be downloaded as a PDF for $38. 

Included in the box set are:

  • Book of Pirates: Teaches you all you need to know to play on the high seas
  • Lore of the Sea: A rundown on how to create voyages and what plunder awaits in Sea of Thieves
  • Book of Voyages: A complete campaign revolving around the quest for the Ashen Jewel
  • The Sea of Thieves Poster Map: A giant map showing every island in the game
  • Pirate Ledgers: Cards that show what you are carrying and how close you are to becoming a pirate legend
  • Legendary Dice
  • Supply Tokens, Quest Cards, and Weapons Cards: Everything needed to set sail, fight enemies, and return with troves of loot
  • Lord Guardian Sails: An exclusive bonus of the boxed set, a download code is included for the Sea of Thieves video game for the Lord Guardian Sails

The expected shipping date for the box set is October, with instant access granted for PDF purchases. Dice can be purchased separately. Learn more about the game by visiting its official website.  

Published Jun. 3rd 2019

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