Civilization Revolution 2 Plus coming to Vita this December

A Civilization game finally makes its way to the PlayStation Vita

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus has been announced for PlayStation Vita. Joe Faulstick, a producer at 2K games posted on PlayStation blog saying that the game will be released on December 3rd of this year. 

Civilization Revolution 2 was originally released on iOS and Android back in 2014. The Vita version will include new scenarios based around different points in Japanese history, and will include new units and world leaders specific to Japan. The new world leaders being brought in are Oda Nobunaga, a powerful samurai warlord from the late 16th century, Heihachiro Togo, an admiral of the fleet for the Imperial Japanese Navy, and Himiko, a shaman queen from the third century.

One of the new units being brought in is the Yamato battleship, the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleship ever constructed.

In other Civ news, The Rising Tide expansion for Civilization Beyond Earth was released at the start of October. 


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Published Nov. 1st 2015

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