World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Pre-patch Out Now

World of Warcraft players can login today to get in on the Shadowlands pre-patch action.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands itself may be delayed, but the pre-expansion patch is out for current subscribers to try some of the new bells and whistles coming in full to the expansion later this year.

Shadowlands features the biggest stat squish in World of Warcraft history, pushing the level cap down to 50 from its previous 120 max. Along with this change comes a huge breadth of skill changes to shake up the previous subclass roles, aimed at making each spec a worthwhile option.

The new starter zone is live for new and returning players to struggle through Exile's Reach, introducing many of the game's new systems. Players who have a max level character already can choose to skip Exile's Reach upon creating a new character and instead level in their race's starter zone.

The new character customization system and options are available in World of Warcraft now with this pre-patch as well, including the ability to change gender at the barbershop.

Shadowlands doesn't open up until Level 50, and won't be coming until the expansion hits, but now is a good time to get back into the game and prepare for what World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will have to offer on expansion launch later this year.

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Published Oct. 14th 2020

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