Steam is doing a steath game sale

A Steam stealth game sale is going on until October 16th 10AM PDT

Steam, owned by Valve, is having a stealth game sale right now, which is a midweek madness sale.  It is going to end on October 16th at 10 am PDT, so be sure you don't forget. If you want to, you can see the full list of games by clicking here.

Below are some of the game sales on there currently, so check them out!

  • Far Cry 4 - $33.49 USD
  • Splinter Cell: Black List - $7.49 USD
  • Crysis 2 - $7.49 USD
  • Far Cry 1 - $2.49 USD
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - $4.99 USD
  • Dishonored  - $6.59 USD
  • Far Cry: Blood Dragon - $3.74 USD
  • Outlast - $4.99 USD
  • Ghost Recon: Future Solider - $4.99 USD
  • The Ship - $2.49 USD

I'd suggest picking up Far Cry: Blood Dragon, because it was fun to play, and not like your average Far Cry game. I'd also suggest The Ship as it's a fun game to play with your friends, and it even has its own single player story mode.  You can also never go wrong picking up Far Cry 4 to get yourself back into the action when you're done with Blood Dragon

Published Oct. 15th 2015

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