[RUMOR] Metal Gear Solid 5 has 8 Missing Missions; Thank you Dataminers!

There's a possible rumor that eight missions have been removed from the new game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain; found through datamining.

With excitement buzzing over Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, you wouldn't guess that there is a large portion of missing content that was taken out of the game before launch. While many hardcore fans know that some missions were removed, a Reddit user datamined the PC version and found eight in total.

Content containing Episode 51, a chapter titled Peace, and playable Battle Gear with guard dogs are among the information known to date until the datamining occurred. 

Eight Missing Missions

When looking into the information that the Reddit user datamined, which can be found here, there are a total of eight missing missions that not only show up on the PC game, but even include data for the player to replay them. Using the information provided an ID number, data source, and map are displayed for the eight missions that haven't shown themselves in-game.

  • ID: 10034 - Map: AFGH - Source: TppDefine.lua (AFGH)
  • ID: 10060 - Map: AFGH - Source: TppDefine.lua (AFGH)
  • ID: 10153 - Map: AFGH - Source: TppDefine.lua (AFGH)
  • ID: 10164 - Map: AFGH - Source: TppDefine.lua (AFGH)
  • ID: 10199 - Map: AFGH - Source: TppDefine.lua (AFGH)
  • ID: 10154 - Map: MAFR - Source: TppDefine.lua (MAFR)
  • ID: 10160 - Map: MAFR - Source: TppDefine.lua (MAFR)
  • ID: 10162 - Map: MAFR - Source: TppDefine.lua (MAFR)

Since Metal Gear Solid developer Konami has neither confirmed nor denied the information found by the Reddit user, it's very possible that these eight "missing" missions could be a place holder for future DLCs or even found by simply unlocking them in-game. 

What do you think about the prospects of eight missions being taken out along with other features? Share your thoughts with us below!

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Published Oct. 20th 2015

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