Fancasting Disney Infinity 2.0: Which Avengers Should Assemble?

Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) may exist simply because Marvel needed to trademark the name before DC did, but she's still pretty bad ass from where I'm standing. After all, she can control the hulk with her super pheromone powers. Who else do you know that can get the Hulk to make them a sandwich?

Since having Spiderman in Disney Infinity 2.0 would be hard considering media rights - adding Spider Woman is a great option. She's also Captain Marvel's BFF and a regular on the Avengers. She can do everything the web-slinger can do (and more) which would make her a fun playable character in the upcoming game.

Image via Avengers Assemble #9 penciled by Stefano Caselli 

Published May. 5th 2014

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