Fancasting Disney Infinity 2.0: Which Avengers Should Assemble?

Is it likely that Valkyrie will get her own figure and be incorporated into the game? Not at all. Would I love it if the leader of the Valkyrior showed up? Absolutely. She can sweep me off my feet anytime. 

Besides her abilities as a knight in shining armor, Valkyrie wields a magical swords... and, well... she's a valkyrie with all that entails. She's also an Avenger - really! Again, I think sword-wielding would be a fun game mechanic, assuming that Disney Infinity 2.0 won't add girl-kissing as a power. 

Image via Fearless Defenders #1 writteny by Cullen Bunn with art by Will Sliney

Published May. 5th 2014

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