Humble Bundle Wrap-up: 10/13/15

Red Faction, Xenonauts, Gone Home, and others make an appearance for the most recent Humble Bundle.

If you're anything like me when it comes to Steam sales, then you're a maniac and should probably talk to a shrink. We all like cheap games, especially great games at a greater discount. But before you seek psychological help for your addiction, let's talk about the Humble Bundle.

If you don't already know, Humble Bundle is a wonderful site where there are weekly bundles of mostly indie (sometimes AAA) games for any price. One cent? Yes. A few bucks? Anything you want! What's the catch? Absolutely none - it all goes to charity. To encourage you to donate more, usually an upper tier of games within the bundle is "locked" behind a standard donation, usually $5-10 depending on the games.

The best part of this whole setup (apart from the great games that are available every week) is, of course, the charity. You can pick exactly where your money goes: either all to the charity, the developers, a Humble Bundle tip, or a little bit of each.

I personally have devoted myself to checking out the bundles each week and have done my best to give what I can. So I figured, why not share the details on some of the cool games that are available each week? Here's what's currently available.

Weekly Bundle

This week, Humble is offering some Nordic Games picks that are certainly worth checking out:

Red Faction: Guerrilla

A plain fantastic game. If you know nothing of the Red Faction series, that's fine. All you need to know is that Guerrilla still tops the charts as the best physics-based destruction system of all time. It has open-world gameplay that offers exactly what you'd expect.

On its own, the run n' gun gameplay isn't the best, though it's solid and it works. But when you take that along with a crapton of ways to explode every object and building in the game, and countless strategies for attacking different targets, you can't go wrong with picking it up for cheap.

Jagged Alliance 1

I can't praise the Jagged Alliance games enough, as they're one of the first innovators of the turn-based strategy genre. Although Jagged Alliance 1 is just over 20 years old at this point, it is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the recent X-COM releases - or pretty much any RTS.

I've also heard good things in the past about ChaserIt seems to be a solid old-school FPS if you're itching for that these days.

Humble Bundle

I'm a bit late for the Humble Bundle this week, so I'll move quickly, as there's only 15 hours on the clock left at the time of writing.


A somewhat simpler, yet at the same time slightly more complex, version of X-COM. Toting old-school visuals from the early X-COM days, if you enjoyed any of those games, Xenonauts is more of that in a different way.


Gone Home

If you call yourself a gamer and haven't heard of Gone Home yet, you're officially living under a rock and really should go see someone. An exploration "walking simulator" with mind-bending story elements that you put together, Gone Home can be an interesting alternative if you haven't yet dabbled in this exploding indie genre.

Gang Beasts

Seriously, just watch this:

Those are the highlights for this time! If any of these games interest you, or maybe they've been on your Steam wishlist for months waiting for a sale, take advantage of this opportunity to pick these bundles up for a good price and donate to charity at the same time! Click here to visit the Humble Bundle website.


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Published Oct. 12th 2015

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