Tower of Fantasy: How to Find the Hidden Smart Servant

It's a little tough to find the hidden Smart Servant in Mirroria in Tower of Fantasy. This guide shows where to find all its locations.

One of the sidequests in Mirroria in the Vera region of Tower of Fantasy has you playing hide and seek with a local child named Hui. Over three rounds, he'll ask you to find his hidden Smart Servant, and while you won't need to go far to find them, their hiding spots get harder to uncover.

This Tower of Fantasy guide will show you all three places to find the hidden Smart Servant so you can complete the quest quickly and easily.

Hidden Smart Servants Locations

To start the short sidequest, head to the northern side of Mirafleur Hall, and drop down to the lower level. You'll find Hui, the quest giver, against the north wall. Speak to him and select the following dialog options:

  • "Really?"'
  • "I'll do it!"

Selecting both will start the first round of the quest. Your minimap will have a blue area marked in the area north of you. All three hidden Smart Servants will be just north of Hui in slightly different areas.

Here's where to find all the hidden Smart Servants.

  • First Smart Servant Location: There is a set of bushes northwest of Hui. You'll see a bunch of lighter green buds protruding from the bushes left of the large-leaved plant. Go to them and interact with the Camouflage Smart Servant pop-up to complete this step. Return to Hui to progress to the next Servant.

  • Second Smart Servant Location: Just north of the bushes where you found the first Servant is a small sitting area with some tables and chairs. Two NPCs chat at the southernmost table, and there is a suspicious flower pot at the northern one. Approach the table, interact with the Camouflage Smart Servant pop-up, then head back to Hui for your final test.

  • Third Smart Servant Location: Directly north of Hui, you'll see a small, single-tier pagoda, which houses a noodle stand. Atop the red-lit structure is a strange-looking bonsai tree. Hop up to the top of the pagoda, interact with the Camouflage Smart Servant pop-up, then return to Hui one last time.

For finishing Hui's hide-and-seek quest, you'll receive 25 Mirroria District A exploration progress and 100 Mira for use at gachapon machines around Mirroria. We covered where to find Old Vera Coin gachapon machines in another guide, and there is plenty more about Vera and Tower of Fantasy in general in our guides hub.


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Published Oct. 29th 2022

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