5 Awesome Pokemon Fan Games to Play While Waiting for Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Can't wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Need something to scratch that Pokemon itch, but don't want to pick up one of the older main series games?

Well you should try out some of these amazing Pokemon fan games instead! We've compiled a list of some of the best fan-made Pokemon games around. Just please note that some of these games may not be fully complete yet, but they still are fun!

(Note: The gorgeous fan art above is drawn by Arkeis-Pokemon on DeviantArt.)

1. Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark

If you can't wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon, why not play Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark? It's close enough!

Solar Light and Lunar Dark is a fan game that uses uses the same graphics style as Pokemon Black and White.

The game's setting takes place in a new region called Rikoto, and features an impressive number of 368 custom Pokemon.


Although the game is still in development, you can find the playable demo on the Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark forums.

2. Pokemon Sage

Pokemon Sage is a fan game that is made by 4chan's /vp/ board and uses the graphics style of the 4th gen Pokemon games.

pokemon sage battle screenshot

Pokemon Sage takes place in the Urobos region, which is based on South and Central America.

The game has over 200 custom Pokemon, plus the ability to let your Pokemon walk with you outside of its Pokeball. However, there are no plans to include fairy type Pokemon or mega evolutions.

While the game may be far from done, there is a playable demo, which can be found on the game's wiki.


3. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is a gen 3 styled fan game that takes place in Reborn City, a once bustling city that is now rampant with crime and disasters. The city is run down, damaged by disaster, poverty, and pollution. 

The game is extremely difficult. You can't just grind your Pokemon to beat the bosses since there are level caps, and over-leveling your Pokemon will cause them to stop obeying.

There are plenty of unique features, such as "field effects," which will change the effects of certain moves, and even empower or decrease the damage of other moves. The developers are also planning on adding 721 Pokemon to the game, and plus some other extra features.

It's an excellent challenge for players who feel that the regular Pokemon games aren't challenging enough.


This game's story was made for a more mature audience. It touches on a lot of dark subjects, such as death and suicide. The bad guys, Team Meteor, are also terrorists that constantly destroy the city and take the lives of others.

While this game is also still in development, there's still over 20 hours of play time in its current release.

Check out Pokemon Reborn on their website.

4. Pokemon Infernal Red and Natural Green

Pokemon Infernal Red and Natural Green (IRNG) are a fanmade remakes of FireRed and LeafGreen (FRLG) that uses the graphic style of Black and White.

IRNG includes many features that weren't in the original FRLG games, such as mega evolutions and fairy-type Pokemon. It even has new story arcs, making it a new experience and adventure from the original FRLG games.

The game is still in its demo stages of development, with more planned features to be added soon.

Check the game out on GameJolt.


5. Pokemon Island

Pokemon Island takes a different and refreshing course of adventure by staying away from the old collect "8 gym badges then fight the Elite Four" formula. Instead, the game encourages players to explore the island and capture Pokemon.

There still is a challenge area called the Colosseum, where players can battle five rounds of trainers to earn ranks. As players increase in rank, they will unlock more areas to explore and other services.

The game is completed and has plenty of features, such as 649 Pokemon to catch, a variety of characters to choose to play as, minigames, and more.

You can check out Pokemon Island on PokeCommunity forums.

Published Jun. 14th 2016

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