GeForce Titan P rumored for August announcement

Nvidia to announce more powerful Titan graphics card at Gamescom in August.

For the past few years, the most powerful graphics card for your PC has been the GeForce Titan. The Titan is able to run any game at the highest settings without any hiccups. 

A few months ago, Nvidia started releasing the graphics cards for its new Pascal line, starting with the GeForce 1070 and 1080 back in May to great reviews. The rest of the Pascal line of graphics cards, including the GeForce 1060, is set to be released this week on July 7th. But it looks like that might not be the only thing Nvidia has in store.

There are now rumors that the next card Nvidia plans to release for its Pascal line of graphics cards is the Titan P. It is rumored to have 50% more performance than the GeForce 1080. It will have two different memory options: 12 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes.

There is no release date announced yet, but we will be expecting one from Gamescom in Germany, which starts on August 17 and runs through the 21st. 

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Published Jul. 5th 2016

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