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Gameinformer has exclusive information on Destiny: The Taken King's story, exotics and more!

Gameinformer has new information on The Taken King following an interview with Bungie. This interview covered the new story missions, new exotics, ghost shells and NPC interaction.

New Story-Line

During the interview, the mystery behind the new story missions has been revealed, sort of. The story has been revealed to be about 6-7 hours long which is a huge increase from the previous expansions. The story missions will not only be longer but will also incorporate some characters that you have very little interaction with from the tower; Eris Morn (confirmed Hunter) and Cayde-6 (Hunter Vanguard).

Throughout the story missions your ghost will use a new function and have these characters directly talk to your guardian to build not only dialogue to to flesh out these characters more, give you a better immersion into the story. Cayde-6 and Eris Morn will interact with not just you but each other and is said to be productive and very entertaining. 

A Different Ghost

Speaking of the ghost, there will be new ghost shells. It has not been said how they are obtained but its exciting to see that we can have different colored ghosts outside of the vanilla shell and the pre-order frontier shell. The ghost will have a new function that will allow you to scan things in your environment. This is huge as now the ghost has a more pivotal role.

According to Bungie, the voice of the ghost being changed to Nolan North is because he is more available and this is what he does for a living, it has nothing to do with Peter Dinklage not performing up to standards or players criticisms.

Exotics Galore!

During the video interview, a few new exotics are revealed. The exotics that have been show-cased are as follows:

  • The exotic version of the Stranger's Rifle is seen being used and is named No Time to Explain. Hopefully this will mean that the Stranger will make a return as she was part of the main story but not much about her is known.
  • The next new weapon is an auto-rifle that shoots arc lightning. No name has been revealed as of yet but it seems to have a new perk called "Overcranked" and is similar to the Sunsinger Warlock Subclass perk called Angel of Light. The specifics of this new perk have not been confirmed.
  • The last new exotic shown is the 347 Vesta Dynasty scout rifle. Still unknown how to get this weapon but hopefully it is explained in the weeks leading up to the release of The Taken King as this weapon was said to be availble in the House of Wolves expansion.

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Published Aug. 11th 2015

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