World of Warcraft's Token Currency Loses a Quarter of Its Value in One Day

After one day the value of a WoW Token has dropped from 30,000 gold to 22,631 gold that is just shy of 25%, or a quater, drop.

WoW Tokens are a way for players to use in-game gold to purchase game time. A player will purchase the WoW Token with real money, for $20 USD, and then will be able to sell it over the auction house. The buyer can then redeem that Token, which is now Soulbound to them, for 30 days of game time. If your account is inactive, you can use your gold to purchase a Token from the character select screen.

What has happened to the WoW Token?

On the 7th April WoW Tokens went live, the price set to purchase one through the auction house was 30,000 gold, however, in just one day the value of the WoW Token dropped by just shy of a quarter in value. They are currently valued at 22,600 gold, which still isn't a small sum, but the drop is still substantial.

Venturebeat credits this to a rush of people buying the Token, putting it on the auction house and wanting to make some quick gold. Which makes perfect sense to me, very often the value of something will drop quickly when its first released, especially in a stock market type system. Remember when Facebook was first listed on the stock market? The value of the stock dropped rapidly in the first few weeks.

Have you used WoW Tokens? Or are you planning too? Does this drop in value fill you with dread or hope?

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Published Apr. 9th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Now I wish I had just grabbed one and sold it for the 30k. I'll be waiting for the price to go back up now.

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