FIFA 16 makes steps towards gender equality

After sitting on the sidelines for far too long, women are "in the game."

A trailer for FIFA 16 launched on YouTube today to all the usual excitement from eager football fans. What they were not perhaps expecting was that the trailer informed us that, for the first time ever, a FIFA game would feature female football teams. In an industry where sexism accusations are never far from lips or minds, seeing this kind of positive step is a wonderful thing.

We're not just here to stand and watch. This is our game too.

The trailer shows a number of female football stars during their motion capture performances, which helped to create their in-game likeness. One of the women featured in the upcoming release is England captain Steph Houghton who said of the progress:

The whole team are thrilled to be included in FIFA 16. It’s a really exciting year for women’s football with the forthcoming World Cup and to find out we will be included in FIFA for the first time is a special feeling. To be one of the first female players included in the game is something we’ll always be able to look back on and be proud of. Hopefully it will help raise the profile of the women’s game even further. Quite a few of us in the team play FIFA so I’m sure there will be a bit of banter about our ratings and a few extra competitive games while we’re away in Canada…. I’m looking forward to scoring as myself for the first time!

This is a promising step forward for women in football and women in gaming. With luck, it will be the first of many progressive changes. After sitting on the FIFA sidelines for a long time, women are "in the game."


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Published May. 28th 2015
  • Victor Ren
    I think it is a really cool step for EA to take. The only problem is, later down the road I am pretty sure most players will forget about the women's national team. Would you rather have Ronaldo or Womback?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    How will that work in-game, do they keep them separate or can you play a female team against a male team. If they stay true to real world stats and both players are good at the game, it's pretty much a guarantee of the male team winning. Reminds me of when Serena and Venus Williams challenged any male duo ranked 200 or below in the world and guaranteed that they would win. World ranked 203rd challenged them and won. Of course the consensus is that male play vs female is just different, not one being superior to the other. It's just what will win you a game against a female isn't necessarily going to win you the game against a male and vice versa, it's just different.
  • OrganisedDinosaur
    It won't be much of a problem I don't think. Just like you don't have Sao Paulo playing Liverpool in real life, you don't have women playing men, bu you will be able to do it in the game. They will have real world events in the game which will limit you to the teams who actually play in the events as always, but for friendly online games you can play as any team in the world. With regards to skill, they will probably grade players in relation to their own competitors. Just as in real life as far as I know a women's football team has not played against a men's football team so knowledge is limited. The inclusion will not detract from players who aren't interested in using the new teams but could enhance the experience for players who would like to use these teams, so its win-win.

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