10 more awesome lesser-known Steam indies you might want to throw dosh at

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I like indie games. Do you like indie games? I hope you like indie games, buddy, because you're in the wrong place if you don't.

My last look at some lesser-known and awesome indies in Steam packed in ten good buys, but there are way more than ten great indie titles on the platform and the last list made me feel a little bad. I mean, what puts the ones in the first list above the host of other great small team/individual-developed games on Steam? Nothing, they're just the ones that made the cut.

This time around, ten really great games made the cut and they, too, are probably well-worth your time and dosh. I think.

A lot of these games are also available on consoles, but that research is all on you. That said, I do include demo links and pricing for the indecisive buyer. Let's choo-choo out of this slide. It's getting cramped in here.

Published Mar. 13th 2016

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