Nintendo Planning a Yo-Kai Watch Demo?

Australian classification listing showcases a demo release for Level-5's Yo-Kai Watch sometime soon!

The new "Pokémon" looks like it might be hitting the West a lot sooner than we all thought! 

According to an Australian classification site, Fantasy Life developers Level-5 reserved a listing on October 9th scheduling a demo release for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Yo-Kai Watch. If you're itching to see what the new franchise is all about, I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for this demo.

The game looks to be a nice and promising mesh of everything we love about Pokémon and a little Mega Man Battle Network. Level-5 definitely impressed me with Fantasy Life on the 3DS last year, so I have nothing but high hopes for the new game (and anime)! The story is sure to be chock-full of memorable characters and hilarious one-liners. So if you're like me and had a fantastic time with Fantasy Life, this is sure to be a hit! Seriously though, I've clocked in almost 80 hours into that game. And that's only on one character.

Yo-Kai Watch was first announced at E3 this summer and received a surprising amount of backlash from the gaming community for having appeared too much like Pokémon. But, I'm apparently a 10-year-old boy (despite being a college student) because I definitely can't get enough Pokémon-style games, regardless of how similar they are.


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Published Oct. 13th 2015

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