Will We be Seeing A Pokemon Emerald Remake?

Nintendo files a trademark for "Pokemon Delta Emerald," which might mean another Pokemon remake.

Earlier this month it Nintendo revealed that are remaking Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Now, we may also see Pokémon Emerald getting its own 3DS remake as well.

Trademarks made public

Gematsu is reporting on a Nintendo trademark that went public today. The trademark, which Nintendo filed on May 2nd (less than a week before the reveal of the Ruby and Sapphire games) is for a "Pokémon Delta Emerald." The name for the game follows the same pattern set by Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Every Pokémon generation consists of two base games and another release that combines the two games and adds even more content to the game (Pokémon Black and White were special in that the second part of the generation were actually a pair of sequels). Emerald was no different, with one of the biggest additions being the Battle Frontier, which challenged trainers to defeat difficult AI opponents for in-game items.

Of course, this is speculation

In the past remakes, Nintendo only remade the base games from that generation. Only Pokémon Red and Blue were remade, and only Pokémon Gold and Silver were remade. If Nintendo decides to release a third game from the Ruby and Sapphire generation, this will be a first in terms of Pokémon remakes.

But it is possible. I never expected Nintendo to actually do direct sequels when it came to Pokémon Black and White. Many speculated that there would be only one additional title for that generation, and then Nintendo surprised us with a duo of games that were the first ever direct sequels to Pokémon games.

Thus, it would not surprise me that Nintendo could release a third remake for the 3rd generation games. I would pick up that version if it does come out. I always liked Rayquaza over Grouden and Kyogre. This generation of remakes come out this Fall on the 3DS.


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Published May. 29th 2014

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