Tactera Takes Virtual Gaming to a Whole New Level

Tactera has been updated to provide you with a totally immersive virtual gaming experience.

If you are ready to take gaming to the next step by entering into the world of simulated reality, then Tactera is a game to sink your teeth into. Tactera is a strategy game designed for the VR Gear and Oculus Rift. Here you control a simulated army where you try to overpower, outflank, and outmaneuver your opponent. This game puts your logic and strategy-making skills to the test.  It offers different types of game modes like campaign and online competition.

What’s great about this game is the update that its designer, E. McNeill has provided in order to further enhance the VR gaming experience. It used to be that Tactera had a very elementary approach to strategy in gaming. If you immerse yourself in Tactera for the second time, you will notice that the game has made significant improvements on its artificial intelligence for the benefit of single and multiplayers alike. The multiplayer components provide new perspectives on strategy and logistics. For example, bases can now be upgraded and units can be redirected after deployment.

More battle units and campaign modes are also added for variety. There are now 9 maps to choose from to engage in strategic battles. The multiplayer with head-to-head mode is the best update for this game as you can play with other players and see them in virtual reality across the gaming table.

To kick-start, you get in there, dip yourself on strategic planning and draw up your own tactics. The destination of your military decisions matters. Every move is crucial when you enter enemy lines where battle commands await. Like real battles from history, you win some and you lose some, and it is always wise to pick your battles. This game encourages you to become both doer and thinker to create brilliant strategies.

Tactera shows you statistical probabilities that will help you plan your moves. Each battle displays percentages of winning possibilities and a chance to select 3 out of 12 potential units. Your miniature tanks and planes also have corresponding ratings in speed, power, payload, among others. You can think of them as moving Top Trump cards. It sounds intimidating at the beginning, but if you distribute your units strategically, you’ll be able to take control of the battle and will soon find yourself taking over enemy territories. There’s a sort of "Art of War" mentality that goes into it.

As for mobility, expect to move your neck a lot here and there since it is what you are going to use as a pointing tool. As a VR game, Tactera operates on a gaze-based selection, and it proves to be effective this way. In virtual reality, gaze-based techniques might be used as a viable alternative for gamers who choose not to use a mouse.

Tactera is a straightforward military strategy game that doesn’t bother with back stories or an angst-ridden protagonist. Here, you take the center stage as you step in and control your miniature resources, guided by statistics and your own judgment. With its recent upgrades to provide better and improved VR gaming experience, it's definitely a must try.

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Tactera has been updated to provide you with a totally immersive virtual gaming experience.


Published Sep. 26th 2016

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