Gift Guide: Holiday Gaming Sweaters

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Super Mario Bros Blue Christmas Sweater

Price: $42.99

Buy it on: Merchoid

Do you want to make a gamer friend feel nostalgic this winter? This Mario sweater is a gift that will send your friend back to memories of the game that turned an entire generation into gamers.

Send you friend back to his earliest gaming moments, through the nostalgia this sweater represents. 


As holidays get near, you will need to push video games aside, in order to spend some well-earned rest with your family, after an entire year saving the world in virtual universes.

That does not mean; however, that you need to completely abandon your favorite hobby.

Take your gamer pride wherever you go, with these sweaters, that will keep you warm, whilst sending a message to your friends and family about what you will be doing throughout 2017.

Published Nov. 27th 2016

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