HRX 2018 SMITE Championship Saturday Wrap-Up

An exciting fourth day at HRX. Two teams have won their way to the final competition to become the SMITE World Champions.

As the fourth day of HRX got under way, things were pretty intense. There was a lot going on, but the biggest event of the day, by far, was the SMITE semi-finals. Four teams fought for the chance to become the next World Champions, with a two-time World Champion already among them.  

NRG vs Rival 

NRG, the two-time world champions faced off against Rival, an up and coming team, in the first semi-final match. Rival started off strong, earning themselves a win, right out of the gate.  

The second game started pretty poorly for Rival, with NRG taking the lead and staying there for most of the early and mid-game. Surprisingly, Rival managed a few picks that gave them the opportunities to turn the game around, allowing them their second win. 

With only one game needed to secure their place in the finals, Rival aimed to clean up with a 3-0 victory, but NRG fought hard and earned their two wins of their own, forcing the match to the fifth and final game. 

The final game, Rival managed to push to a phoenix early on, allowing themselves to get ahead. After picking up the Fire Giant, Rival managed to bust into NRG's base and take down the titan, securing their spot in the finals tomorrow. 

EUnited vs Obey 

The second semi-final match between EUnited and Obey Alliance was a surprise to most. With Obey being a contender in last year's finals, everyone expected a hard fight.  

With a clean sweep, EUnited won all three games. In each game, EUnited managed to get ahead with early kills and incredible objective control. In an almost superhuman display of tactics, EUnited seemed to predict their opponents moves flawlessly, earning them their final win and a chance at the title of World Champions. 


With an intense day behind us, we're looking forward to the culmination of Rival and EUnited's hard work. Don't forget to check out the live stream of the World Championship Finals tomorrow on the SMITE Twitch channel. 


Published Jan. 7th 2018

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