Will Hi-Fi RUSH Be Coming to PS5?

Find out if the brand new action rhythm game from Bethesda is coming to PlayStation any time soon.

Hi-Fi RUSH is a thrilling new action game from Tango Gameworks set to tunes from Nine Inch Nails and The Black Keys. In fact, the music is a crucial part of this rhythm-based character action game. Right, now this Bethesda-published game is only available on PC and Xbox Series S and X consoles. There is no PlayStation version of this breakout hit, but that doesn't mean there never will be. So will it be coming to the PS5?

Will Hi-Fi RUSH Be Coming to PS5? — Answered

As of the time of this writing, there are no plans for Hi-Fi RUSH to come to PS4 or PS5. Due to the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft in 2021, the future of the publisher's relationship with the PlayStation platform is in question. It's been a question surrounding games like Starfield and the Elder Scrolls 6, as well. 

This stance might be confusing considering the developer's last game Ghostwire: Tokyo, which released in early 2022, was a PS5 console exclusive. However, that was the last title from a previous contract Bethesda had with Sony prior to the 2021 Microsoft acquisition. 

So, what are the hopes of Hi-Fi RUSH coming to PS5? Right now, it seems unlikely to happen in the next year, if at all. However, stay tuned. You never know what will happen. 

Featured Image via Bethesda


Published Jan. 26th 2023

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