Check out the Just Cause 3 trailer contest finalists

Square Enix announced the shortlist of 21 finalists to their MYJC3Trailer contest with bonus prizes. Check out the fan trailers for a peek at possible winners and the game's official launch trailer.

After releasing a new game trailer, Square Enix narrowed down the thousands of submissions to their "My Just Cause 3 Trailer" contest to 21 lucky finalists.  Judges must now select just three of the final contestants as the top dogs in their respective "Best of" categories. From those three winners, one overall champion will be declared. Read on for a look at those finalists while the judges deliberate.

First, let's backtrack to the contest details

The contest began in October with a final submission deadline on November 12th. The contest page teased valuable prizes before issuing a challenge:

Do you think you have what it takes to create the Just Cause 3 Launch Trailer? Now is your chance to prove it! Show us what you can do in a one to two-minute video. We are giving you complete freedom to come up with your own unique trailer, and the winner will become the official Just Cause 3 launch trailer!

These trailers sought to showcase the game's atmosphere via action-packed, humorous, and/or whimsical routes. Contestants were given a wide birth for creativity, as the rules allowed animated sequences, live action movies, and gamplay trailers using previously released Just Cause 3 footage.

While one overall winner will take home the biggest and baddest prize pool, a panel of judges will also announce three winners who've demonstrated mastery in the Best Action, Best use of Audio and Best Humor categories.

These three winners will each receive the same prize package. Their loot includes:

  • Top spec PC-rig, including latest 6th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor (also known as Skylake) and UHD monitor
  • Collector’s Edition of Just Cause 3
  • NEAT microphone
  • SONAR Steam Edition Professional

One of these three contestants will also be promoted to legendary status as the fan who created the official Just Cause 3 launch trailer. Oh, and of course they'll receive bonus winnings in addition to the previous package. Along with epic and artistically nerdy bragging rights, the number one video creator will win prizes worth $5,000:

  • KRK - RPG6 studio reference speakers
  • Tascam - 2x2 Audio Interface
  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Guitar
  • SONAR Steam Edition Platinum

Square Enix surprises their finalists

Opelova announced the collective playlist of 21 outstanding trailer submissions on the official website's blog. Every entry, however, received a special moment of thanks and recognition, complete with typed applause. Judges decided on finalists based on their presentation of "a highly commendable level of skill, effort or originality in one of the three categories."

The exciting announcement of extra prizes followed the news. Bold, capitalized words (that's how you know it's either great news or an urgent warning) promised each of the 21 finalists surprise loot. These lucky contestants will now receive:

  • An exclusive Just Cause 3 Xmas jumper
  • A magnetic Rico
  • A signed copy of the Just Cause 3 comic
  • The Just Cause 3 game on their preferred platform.

While it's unclear exactly when the winners will be announced, the news should make it the official website and blog first, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

MYJC3Trailer shortlist

Check out the 21 entries below! Three winners and the official launch trailer hide in their ranks.

1. Just Cause 3 Trailer Competition Entry by JasonFlameBlade

2. Live Action Just Cause 3 Trailer by Three Minute Musicals

3. Just Cause 3 EXPLOSION RAP TRAILER by CoolTwinSkittles

4. Just Cause 3 Live Action Trailer by Diretoria

5. Just Cause 3 Trailer - #MyJC3Trailer Competition by TA Brothers

6. Just Cause 3 Galich Trailer by ÐÐ½Ð½Ð° Галкина

7. My Just Cause 3 Trailer #MyJC3Trailer by Simon Weinzaepflen

8. Just Cause 3 Trailer - Original Music! #MyJC3Trailer by Creative Nature Media

9. My Just Cause 3 Trailer Competition Entry #myjustcause3trailer by Ian Good

10. Fahrenheit - Just Cause 3 Contest Entry #MYJC3Trailer by The Game Mechanics

11. Just Cause 3 - Launch Trailer (Competition Entry) by TheReal38835

12. My Just Cause 3 Trailer #MyJC3Trailer by Dippen

13. Just Cause 3 #MyJC3Trailer Entry by Gavin Rushworth

14. Straight Outta Old Times - My Just Cause 3 Trailer #MyJC3Trailer by Vicente ProD

15. Just Cause 3 Trailer - Competition Entry by Azza-B!

16. Just Cause 3 Trailer (Fan Launch Trailer) by Paul Allen

17. Just Cause 3 Trailer by Spencer Best

18. Trailer contest - Just Cause 3 by Tidzif

19. #MyJC3Trailer - The Wooden Box - I'm on fire Just Cause 3 Trailer by The Wooden Box

20. Just Cause 3 Trailer Contest Entry by JS Lynch

21. Just Cause 3 Launch Trailer #MyJC3Trailer by ClintBeastwood

Don't forget to check out the unboxed Just Cause 3 Collector's Edition for details on the second promotional contest, which offers a private island as a prize!

Which trailers do you think should win in each category? Which one is the absolute best of the best? Was their an overall theme or approach that especially appealed to you? Beat the judges to the punch and let us know in the comments below!

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Published Jun. 18th 2020
  • MarquisToken
    The Explosion Rap was great! Fun and spontaneous, just like I'm hoping the game will be.

    "2. Live Action Just Cause 3 Trailer by Three Minute Musicals" on the other hand, that was just painful to watch. And the endorsing of day one DLC and day one edition. Get out of here.

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