Fable CCG heads to Kickstarter with ex-Lionhead devs

Fable fans rejoice in a card game from your favourite morality driven RPG!

When Microsoft shuttered Lionhead Studios, some developers took it upon themselves to carry on the hugely popular Fable series and create Fable Fortune, a new card game based on the series. The card game was previously a secret project that Lionhead was working on, but when the studio closed, three of Lionheads developers formed Flaming Fowl Studios and, with permission granted by Microsoft to continue using the Fable IP, carried on working on Fable Fortune.

Launched today at 3 pm GMT, Flaming Fowl Studios started their Kickstarter campaign to raise the vital funding they need to complete and publish Fable Fortune. They are hoping to crowdfund £250,000, which will go towards completing the first six heroes and two co-op bosses, as well as funding the running costs of bringing lots of players into closed beta. A lot of the game is already complete, and the developers are hoping to start the closed beta very soon after the Kickstarter campaign has finished.

The game is set in the familiar world of Albion. Players will be able to battle in locations such as Fairfax Castle, where Logan will pass judgment on your deeds, or in Lychfield Cemetery where you will face the Nostro and his hollow army. There will be quests which players will have to build their decks accordingly to help them complete quests and, in the loved Fable fashion, once you complete quests you must make choices between Good and Evil which will influence future quests and card choices.

Fable Fortune will be available for PC and Xbox One, but the developers are hoping to bring it to other platforms in the future.


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Published May. 31st 2016

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