Port Royale 4 Console Version to Stay at Sea a Little Longer

A change in the tides will keep Port Royale's PS5 and Series X|S versions out a sea for a few more weeks.

Port Royale 4, the seafaring mercantile strategy game from Kalypso, was originally set to anchor on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 10. However, those versions will arrive a little while later, now scheduled for a September 24 release. 

Kalypso revealed the next-gen Port Royale 4 ports earlier this year and confirmed that the game would feature free upgrades on both systems. It will also be available for Game Pass on console. 

Port Royale 4 will run at 4K resolution on PS5 and Series X, 1080p resolution on Series S. Cross-gens saves will allow players to continue their efforts from last-gen systems. There will also be "real-time cloud rendering," according to Kalypso. 

Fans can pick the game up both digitally and physically for $59.99 on both PS5 and Series X. There will also be extended digital editions that include four lighthouses and five park blueprints. Lastly, Kalypso said a physical boxed edition would be available but didn't elaborate on its content or price. 

We praised Port Royale in parts, calling it "immersive" and "satisfying," while also recognizing that it's "combat is slow-paced and flawed." Regardless, it's a game worth checking out for fans of the genre because hey, a 7 ain't a bad game.

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Published Sep. 2nd 2021

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