5 Recent & Decent PC Platformers You May Have Missed

Struggle for Survival in Rain World

In this survival platformer released by Adult Swim Games and developed by Videocult, you play as a Slugcat who gets separated from its family. To progress through the game you have to eat as well as avoid different creatures in the world's ecosystem, all while avoiding deadly rain. You can use debris as weapons to defend against randomly generated enemies, search for food, and reach hibernation rooms which are used as save points.

The story of Rain World is communicated through details in the environment and the game does not help the player too much, instead only giving the smallest of hints as they progress through the world.

Although it has received mixed reviews due to its tough gameplay, Rain World is a unique indie platformer which provides a new experience for any gamer who enjoys games about survival.

Buy it on Steam, or PlayStation 4.

Published Apr. 27th 2017

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