Gift Guide: 10 of the Best Winter Hats for Gamers

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Welcome to your essential gift guide for Christmas 2016 and we’re talking hats.  No, not top hats or trilbys, but gamer hats specifically ones where buyers can proudly display their love for their favourite games.

But with a huge amount of amazing games out there, we can afford to be really, really choosy in regards to merchandise.  Quality is a large factor too, no shoddy generic gamer hats, but true gamer hats made for gamers.

The hats in this gift guide hats are largely focussed on retro gaming, not just because they are such darn amazing games, but often cause the most finger points, shout outs and comments, because, you know that’s the ultimate kudos!

So, I’ve narrowed down the best 10 gamer hats out there and remember people they are gifts for others, or you know, keep a beady eye on them for yourself!

Published Nov. 10th 2016

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