Players Complain About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Lagging Problems

Gamers that have purchased the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare complain about lag compensation and connection issues with its multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer lag issues have plagued Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare due to how it connects gamers together, and some gamers are complaining that it almost makes the mode unplayable.

Because COD:AW uses peer-to-peer connection for their multiplayer matches, the game creates lag compensation. That means anyone that has extremely high ping or an internet connection that's inconsistent (but not so low that it boots them off the server) will keep the game from running crisp and clean for users that have fast speeds and very low ping.

It's there to even the playing field, but it's probably time that Activision finally updates the process of how COD's multiplayer games are ran.

Gamer complaints on lag issues

Some games, like Titanfall, have moved on to dedicated servers to improve multiplayer experience, but COD still picks random hosts. A number of gamers at NeoGAF have posted their complaints on both Xbox One and PS4.

For example, member Duxx3 said, "It's ridiculous. I went back to bots after a couple hours. At least it's consistent, if completely uncompetitive." In comparison, it "doesn't perform nearly as well as Titanfall does (when it comes to lag and network stuff). Night and day difference."

Member Serick said, "Is anyone else experiencing ridiculous lag issues on PS4? 8/10 games the entire game is sitting at one red bar (except the host and maybe 1-2 other players) and the game stutters."

Member Atilac has the same problems. "PS4 here as well, NAT open, lagfest. Really hope they fix it soon."

Hopefully some form of dedicated servers are in the future for Call of Duty. If not for this game, for future releases of the popular multiplayer shooter. Are you experiencing any problems with lag in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

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Published Nov. 4th 2014
  • freerunner79
    I got back from visiting my dads country after a couple days after I started to play my games again and when I started cod aw multipleplayer the game keeps lagging one sec no enemy then the next a guy like literally not there appears out of no where and kills me also I can't even shoot people they freeze for a sec then unfreeze I shoot and even melee them they don't die but I do and when I'm even moving my game lags like hell this has been happening for 2-3 weeks since I came back please do something about
  • Jay_3589
    I pay 120.00 a month for cable and internet. 50 megs down and upload. Ping is 5 bars all the time . I play destiny and the game runs great. Any game I play that's not Advanced warfare, runs great. I play advanced warfare and I WANNA RIP THE HAIR I HAVE LEFT OUT, YANK THE TV OFF THE WALL AND TOSS IT CROSS COUNTRY AND HOPEFULLY WITH THE GRACE OF GOD IT WILL LAND RIGHT ON THAT SLEDGEHAMMER CEO'S HEAD. IM DONE WITH SLUDGEHAMMER GAMES .I JUST HOPE TREY ARK DOESN'T DROP THE BALL WITH BLACK OPS 2. Peace
  • AJ_3062
    This game sucks. The only thing that loads quickly is the store.I would rather slam my dick in a car door than pay any more money for shit.
  • ihateaw
    This game is a steaming pile of shit. Its the first cod game ive played. Played many other fps. This is by far the WORST game ive ever played. I didnt buy it. It was bought for me. Ive not given them any money and i can assure u they will never get any. Until theres some servers i wont even consider buying a cod game....ever. It is the laggiest piece of crap ever. Coupled with piss poor security the game is riddled with cheaters galore. Game requires zero skill just the luck of connection.

    Seriously dont but this game if ur considering it. Its just expensive toilet paper. Titan Fall is a MILLION times better. While im not a huge fan of the robots..the game runs super crisp. When u shoot people...shit..they die! Lag is zero between players. Night and day difference. Any server based game or just some shit on a stick will be better than Advanced Lagfare. Worst game ive ever played.
  • FastEddie420
    GAMERS UNITE....stop bitching and do something about Activision's pure unadulterated GREED the CEO of sledgehammer games publicly promised dedicated servers for COD AW and that was never delivered. The time is at hand to sue these greedy bastards, they only understand money they putout crap and we buy it and until we hit them in the wallets it will keep being done Searching for an attorney who will take a class action lawsuit on for 15% of the settlement naming the game price and time gamers have put in playing and money invested trying to improve our signals to be able to play their game
    , any takers? lets at least send a message to the big buck thieves of game productions...there's always been enormous strength in many gamers against a couple executives making the call of spending the money for dedicated servers. Just deliver what you promised or get sued BITCHES. Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dirk Diggler_1611
    Last Time I buy an Activision product. I refuse to pay $70 for a game that won't work in 9 months if i don't buy a $49.95 season pass or a whole series of $15 map packs. If you don't own any DLC, you can only only play TDM, no other multiplayer's bull. Someone should class action them for deceptive business practices.
  • Ldog_7575
    I think this is worse than any other online game play experience I've had with COD. Some games I move quickly some games I am like a slug! I refuse to buy the map packs only to be disappointed on a new map!
  • Jordan_8257
    Playing hardcore domination on sideshow the game was that laggy 3 people jumped into the bomb I thrown and I got kicked and I was doing 32 to 19 hate hardcore fix the lag and your shitty game modes anrules shit game dont buy it
  • Sarantis13
    Such a crapy job of keeping track of these thing who do I have to talk too to get the part of the suit that I am in tilted too
  • Sarantis13
    Played the hole last clan wars and we won first over all and I didn't get any part of the clans wars suit plus I was the one with the most wins in it and also I am the commander of my team. What's the point of all this if u guys can not keep track of thing. So disappointed of wasting my time and effort to win part of the suit and not even get it .
  • ray_4899
    this game well fial by n ext year trust me
  • ray_4899
    is game suck bad it need too be fix fo noob too learnd the game not get are azz handed too
  • voxy_2074
    In the game now there is a glitch with the golieth. The player is in like god mode.. patch this shit up its annoying .. thanks
  • HowardJohnson_5187
    The patches have done very little to fix the tremendous lag and cheating issues across all versions of this steaming pile. This to me, shows quite clearly, that Activision has little to no concern for providing quality products and services to it's customers, and simply put, could not care less. In my opinion, I believe they have managed to top Ghosts for worst CoD game made to date. This is nothing short of just positively incredible.
  • Krystal Payne
    I was promised compensation from a supervisor, only to be told today that he wont compensate me, and even though I STILL DON'T GET DOUBLE XP, they won't do anything... Any Suggestions?
  • Joe_7435
    Internet connection is perfectly fine, but the past few days i have been lagging so bad, to where i don't even want to play anymore
  • Difol
    A decent amount of lag on Xbox360, but mostly connection issues. I either can't play the game online at all or after a few matches I will get disconnected from Xbox live. So annoying. Paid over $60 for a game i can barely even play. What a joke.
  • deirdre_8850
    AW what a pos, never again will I touch an Activision game, every damn night I cannot play one game without this pos locking up my system. Give me my damn money back!!!!!!!
  • vanniko63
    past 3 days playing call duty , and been a horrible experience. playing against hackers , ok but i feel the situation is growing and i payed good money for this game , and i payed to have the privilege of fair competition,any thing extra is charged .or has a price . so we as consumers need to get organised and make demands . either give us our money worth or refund based on false claims .
    seriously call of duty cost 60 dollars for basic game and to make it interesting need to spend 100. i am not getting anything free i need to work to pay for this ,so i simply ask for my money worth .
  • Evan Martins
    C.O.D. Advanced warfare is a rip off. If you like Halo then this game is for you, but really, jumping from building to building??? If you know any thing about actual war then don't get this game. You will be extremely disapointed. I tried playing it for one week. I went back and traded it in for Madden 15. Shame, it seemed as if they don't care about the core players who actually do enjoy a ground assault with an occasional fly over. Too bad. They lost my business.
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