The 20 cult video games you need to play before you die

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Psychonauts is a fun platformer by Double Fine Productions for PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3.

Psychonauts follows Razputin (Raz), a boy with psychic abilities, who runs away from the circus to sneak into a summer camp for those with similar powers to become a "Psychonaut" (spy with psychic abilities).

Why you should play

Psychonauts is a creative game that features fun gameplay, wonderful voice acting, beautiful environment, strange humor, and a great soundtrack. Each character's brain is  a world for Raz to explore. The puzzles are challenging without being too difficult. I love its bizarre cast of characters. They are hilarious and well constructed.

Tim Schafer delivers a fantastic story with the comedic style he's known for. If you love his games, you need to play this one.

Published Aug. 16th 2015
  • KonstantinMKD
    Bonus points for Psychonauts!!!
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    A good list of games, however I wouldn't say Portal, Limbo or Amnesia are cult. Cult is generally something which wasn't loved at the time, but had some die hard fans. After some time all people love it (well a lot of people). Think Labyrinth or The Crow.

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