The six best games to play with family this 2015 holiday season

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The holiday season is almost upon us and, as everyone knows, Christmas is a time for family. In the past, this has meant squabbles over who gets the TV control and arguments about how much booze everyone is consuming. But in today’s digital age, families can come together and enjoy the best medium technology has to offer: video games.

Not every video game is a blood-filled, over-18s-only gorefest; and not every ‘family’ game involves Teletubbies or slightly sinister-looking cartoon characters aimed at babies. There genuinely are some titles that manage to hit that happy medium of being fun and family-friendly; games that the whole family can enjoy together.

This article looks at six of these games, lists what platforms they’re available on, and examines what makes them fun for all ages.

So, instead of being forced to sit through the latest reality TV show at Christmas, or having to watch your Grandfather slowly down that bottle of Jack Daniels, why not trying sticking on one of these titles and see the competitive side of your relatives rear its ugly head. After all, it is Christmas.

Published Nov. 24th 2015
  • MarquisToken
    Where are all the PC games?

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