What Has The XCOM 2 Trailer Has Shown Us?

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What does the trailer spoil?

The new reveal trailer for XCOM 2 has arrived and there are plenty of story reveals along with a few hints at new gameplay elements. XCOM 2 is planned to arrive in November only on PC. Check out the whole trailer at the new XCOM2 website.


The game will be set 20 years after an event called "Unification," presumably the aliens and humans are able to get along after XCOM destroyed their misguided leadership in XCOM:Enemy Unknown.


A reporter tells us that thousands of refugees are moving into the city and the Advent Administration has been helpful in their transition. It is unclear where the refugees are coming from, but it is likely they are alien refugees, perhaps other races that were affected by the enemy faced in Enemy Unknown?



While the scene pans around the XCOM team lurking about in the background, a large TV screen tells us about a "rebel" attack at a gene therapy clinic in Paris. The XCOM team appears to be on the run from aliens and humans now.

We are also shown a statue that shows a Sectoid that has been improved far beyond those from Enemy Unknown helping a up a human and an Ethereal in the background. Perhaps a few misguided leaders held psychic control over all the others when they attacked Earth.

Combat in Populated Areas?

Aside from "Terror" missions, civilians were kept to a minimum in Enemy Unknown and it made it easy to launch rockets and grenades with reckless abandon. Will we have to be incredibly careful not to hurt non-combatants while fighting the Advent? This could add deeper layers to combat if the people Earth love you or hate you depending on how much they are harmed during the process.


New Alien Races

The taller Sectoid indicates we will see Gene-improved versions of some classic aliens, but this guy is all new. Are these aliens the refugees from our previous enemy or some entirely new threat? This snake-like alien is seen fighting against XCOM and with Advent soldiers.

Robotic Allies

Robots fighting alongside XCOM soldiers is nothing new. They reduce casualties and allow for strategies that would be too risky for human soldiers. This flying robot is likely the newest interpretation of the S.H.I.V.


New Weapons

Several new weapons are teased throughout the trailer, but none is as clear as the grenade launcher. There always felt like there was a gap in explosives between rocket launchers and grenades. Hopefully, the grenade launcher will fill that role and allow additional soldiers to carry some serious firepower into battle.

Melee Combat?

To fight a particularly tough looking alien, this soldier abandons his ranged weapon for a more personal approach. This could mean a whole new approach to gameplay where melee weapons are an option that provides superior combat versus different alien types.


Flying base?

It appears the XCOM base is a bit more, mobile, than last time. Not a real surprise if humans and aliens are constantly hunting you. Without housing your base in one specific country, will the benefits come from the country you are currently hiding in?

Welcome Back, Commander.

The iconic voice of the leader council member wraps up the trailer by saying "Welcome Back, Commander." Could this be a hint we may see a few more important characters return to guide this rogue XCOM?

Published Jun. 1st 2015


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