Star Trek Online expansion celebrates Star Trek: The Original Series

Perfect World Entertainment has announced Star Trek: Agents of Yesterday, a new expansion for Star Trek Online, which pays homage to the original Star Trek series.

Perfect World Entertainment announced the third expansion for Star Trek Online -- Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday.

The expansion serves to bring fans of Star Trek and Star Trek Online closer to Star Trek: The Original Series, which starred William Shatner as James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

Steve Ricossa, executive producer of the game, stated in the press release:

"Star Trek Online has been able to explore other eras in the franchise from Star Trek: Enterprise to Star Trek: Voyager, while continuing to add to the core Star Trek narrative. The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek presents a unique opportunity and challenge for our team, to faithfully venture back in time to one of the most iconic science-fiction settings and eras in television history. Combining Star Trek: The Original Series with Star Trek Online allows us to take players on some new and unique adventures in a time period that is beloved by fans.”

Players will be able to take control of a Captain from the original series and visit locations taken directly from the show, such as Taurus VII and the Gorn Rock Planet Edren.

New playable starships taken from the TOS era, like the Daedalus class Science Vessel, will also be implemented.

Immersing players all the more into the expansion, Chris Doohan will be voicing Scotty -- following in his father James Doohan's footsteps, and Walter Koenig will be voicing Chekov.

The expansion will be launching this summer.


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Published May. 7th 2016

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