Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder Forges Release Window

Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder is an upcoming RTS game where you're the orcs and humanity stands in the way.

Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder is an upcoming strategy game from indie developer G-DEVS and publisher Creative Forge Games. It puts you in the seat of an Orc warchief, with a legion of orcs at your disposal to conquer and defend your land. The game was announced very late last year, but it now has a 2022 release window on Steam for PC. 

You'll ensure both the survival and success of your people, while gathering supplies, building villages, and, of course, crushing those in your path. 

The challenge of Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder is that you, as the orcs, are very much the underdog in comparison to the humans, who defeated the orcs long ago in the Great War. Hungry for revenge, you'll lead your orcs back to their rightful place as the sole rulers of the land.

Alongside soldiers and siege weapons, it appears you'll manage other portions of your Orc village as well, such as hunting and resource gathering, as well as forging weapons and more. 

There's still a lot we don't know about Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder just yet, and it's unclear if the game will come to other storefronts, such as the Epic Games Store. Stay tuned for more info later in the year as we approach 2022. 


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Published Jun. 8th 2021

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