Indie Old-School Game Greenlit For Next Week

Indie game Too Angry To Space from developer AK84C will release from Steam Greenlight on August 8.

Too Angry To Space, an indie, old-school inspired game, will be released to the public from Steam Greenlight next week.

From indie developer AK84C, Too Angry To Space boasts on its Steam page an addictive game with clear, simple controls that allows players to play the game with one hand and "in the second one you can hold a beer (or soda if you are a minor)." 

The game places the player in the shoes of a space marine after aliens attacked the space station where he was stationed. Players must destroy any and all aliens and robots they come in contact with in the 160 rooms, using four different weapons with two different modes of fire. The game also has 14 levels of 90s inspired graphics.

Steam Greenlight is a system to get the PC gaming community the up-and-coming games it wants most. The system allows users to vote on which games they would like to be released on Steam. For a fee, developers can promote their games with screenshots and videos to show the public what they have to offer. The system is especially helpful to indie developers who promote their games themselves.

Too Angry To Space will be released to the public on Steam August 8.

Published Aug. 4th 2016

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