E3 2015 Predictions: 10 games you should expect to see

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E3 is upon us! With the huge convention being only 2 weeks away, fans everywhere are gearing up for what some might call the biggest time of the year for the gaming industry.

E3 brings in the promise of big announcements, involving your favorite developers and games. It sweeps us off our feet with excitement after seeing the first revealed gameplay of something that we have been waiting on for years and years. We get to see big corporations like Microsoft and Sony duke it out, firing away exclusives at each other, while trying to draw in their own crowd of fans.

Publishers and developers everywhere are gearing up for their big debuts during the press conferences this year, and the pressure is on to impress fans everywhere. That being said, let's take a look at some of the biggest games offered by these developers that are going to be announced this year.


Fallout 4

There was a point in time where it seemed like it would never happen. There were so many debunked rumors and fake websites, but as we got ever so closer to Bethesda's first E3 press conference, the speculations started adding up and then it hit us... Fallout 4 is real! With that said Bethesda just recently released a trailer confirming the existence of the game, and fans everywhere are ecstatic.

In the trailer we see Boston, Massachusetts after the war, bringing along with it, its bright colors and famous landmarks. With a new setting, and a character that is actually able to speak, fans are thirsting for the much-anticipated gameplay from the project that has been in development for the past 5 years. This is Bethesda's chance to blow everyone away, if everyone wasn't knocked out from the trailer yet.

Star Wars Battlefront

After the series was tragically cut short, Star Wars fans weren't the only ones mourning in their misery. At least from my shoes, the series offered a really fun arcade-type shooter that ran along side the big bad wolf of the Halo franchise back in the day. From all the different maps, to the big star ship battles in space, the game was full of non-stop action from Tatooine to Bespin.

EA has just recently brought back the series with DICE as its developer, and hopefully they can win over many of the past fans in the series. During E3, EA is planning to show off actual gameplay for the first time ever. With its release coming in September, the E3 showing could actually make or break the future of this series.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

In 2013 we got to the re-imagined version of Tomb Raider. The series threw us into the shoes of a much younger Lara Croft, before she became the empowering women she is now. As players, we felt every ounce of excitement as we traveled through the mysterious island. The game was gritty, as we saw Lara Croft hit rock bottom at a point in the game, then forced us to climb back up. It gave us hope, and then took it away, leaving us in a shadow of the insane aftermath where everything went to hell.

Most importantly, the game showed us the transformation of Lara Croft.

From an innocent girl, Lara transformed into a total badass. It was a phenomenal adventure, and Rise of the Tomb Raider will tell the story of the same Lara Croft. The one we saw grow to someone that we look to as a symbol for strength. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

PlayStation's bread and butter, the Uncharted series has received a lot of love for its humor, character development, storytelling, and its ability to take advantage of console technology. Nathan Drake has become one of the most loved characters in video game history, and because of its graphical prowess, each release has been compared to those of blockbuster movies.

Uncharted 4 will be the last game in its series. The game wraps up the stories that have been woven for our beloved heroes, and bring a end to Nathan's career in hunting for treasure. Even though there has already been a gameplay video released for Uncharted 4, Sony will most likely release something to make up for the pushed-back release date. And being that Uncharted is one of PlayStation's biggest franchises, they will surely take advantage of the upcoming exclusive to bring people into the PS4 fold.


Star Fox Wii U

Miyamoto announced that Star Fox on the Wii U will be playable during E3 for everyone who attends. Even though there have not been many details released about the game, Miyamoto does imply that the game involves the second screen found on the Wii U pad:

"Star Fox is a game where having two screens is really important, and it works really well.” 

The much beloved Fox has not had a release in his series since 2006, for the Nintendo DS. The series certainly does not have as much time in the spotlight as Mario or Zelda, but the new game could be a major boost for the Wii U.

No Man's Sky

Open world, check. Space exploration, check. Hardcore survival, check.

No Man's Sky is an adventure/survival game where the player is a space explorer that goes out to find new planets in their suit and spaceship. One of the most amazing features about the game is that you can literally go anywhere you want that is in your sight. The game is procedurally generated which allows for 18 quintillion planets to be offered to a player's curiosity.

During your journey to the center of the galaxy, a player will also find himself battling the harsh environments of each individual planet, while engaging in fights with other star crafts. Every decision affects you and your ship in some way. The game will be released on PS4 and Windows, so most likely we will see a debut during Sony's press conference.


Halo 5 Guardians

Microsoft's exclusive shooter will be showcasing their newest game in the series. Halo 5: Guardians tell the story of the new Agent Locke and Master Chief.

During Microsoft's press conference, 343 Studios plan to announce more details on the story of the game along with a demo showcasing the campaign. Since Halo is Microsoft's most storied franchise, they would certainly want to bring it back to entice buyers this holiday season, and also maybe to give Sony a gut punch in the exclusives fight.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

This is Ubisoft's chance to make it right with Assassin's Creed fans after their last game. The developers have stated that they have poured their heart and soul into the single-player campaign (though this could also be a bad thing abandoning multiplayer), while stressing that they have learned from their mistakes in Unity

Assassin's Creed is arguably Ubisoft's best franchise, and they certainly have to fix the mistakes that came with the last game, or the tale of Assassin's and Templars could come to an end. Along with that, there is a new Assassin's Creed every year... so why wouldn't this title be at E3? 


Call of Duty: Black Ops III

WOAH, ANOTHER CALL OF DUTY GAME IS GOING TO BE SHOWN AT E3? No surprise there. Guys, it's Call of Duty. There has been a new Call of Duty every year at E3 since 2004.

The difference this time is that the tale appears to be more man vs. machine instead of man vs. man this time around in the single player campaign. Although, I don't think COD ever sold millions of copies because of its single player...


Tom Clancy's: The Divison

We have not heard much about The Division since its last showing at E3 in 2013. The supposedly huge online RPG that takes place in New York will be seen again this year at E3. Ubisoft announced that The Division will be playable along with many other of their titles. 

Although The Division has not had a release date announced, it is rumored for release in early 2016. It also has been rumored that the development team has been hammering down to work on removing any little bug out the game so that Ubisoft can avoid another Watch Dog's release.

Published Jun. 3rd 2015


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