Pre-Registration Live for Top-Down Rogue-Lite Shooter Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom pre-registration is live now, and signing up will get you a few in-game bonuses.

Releasing March 21, 2023, Mighty Doom from Alpha Dog Games features big guns, a mini Slayer, and the hoards of Hell. Pre-registration is open now until March 19, and doing so will net you a few in-game rewards, like exclusive weapon skins.

Mighty Doom is a free-to-play game for iOS and Android based on the "animated Doom universe," an alternate reality inspired by Doom Eternal's collectible toys. The rogue-lite, top-down shooter starts by transporting the now-living mini Slayer to this alternate reality. In typical Doom fashion, you'll rip and tear through the masses of Hell, cutting down Cacodemons and the Cyber Mancubus, to rescue your pet bunny, Daisy. 

The game will use a one-touch control system, similar to the recent Tomb Raider Reloaded mobile game, where dodging attacks and shooting enemies is easy to learn. 

Mighty Doom Pre-Registration Details 

Both iOS and Android users can pre-register here. Those who play the game at least once between launch (March 21, 2023) and April 20, 2023, can earn the Mini Slayers Pack. Collecting the pack grants the following: 

  • Baron of Hell Heavy Cannon Weapon Skin.
  • Cacodemon Rocket Launcher Weapon Skin.
  • 3 Equipment Keys.
  • 1 Weapon Key.
  • 80 Crystals.

Members of the Slayers Club will receive an exclusive Mini Slayer skin at release. Those who would like to become members can do so for free right here. Once your account is created, simply link your Slayer Club account in-game. Stay tuned for more coverage of Mighty Doom.


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Published Feb. 21st 2023

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