Ubisofts Trials of the Blood Dragon is free for PC users - But theres a catch!

You can get the entirety of Trials of the Blood Dragon for free on PC if you're good enough!

Ubisoft's Trials of the Blood Dragon is now free on the PC, however there's a catch. You have to be good at it to qualify for the entire game. In order to be eligible to own the full game for free you have to download and beat the entire demo with no more than 15 faults!

Announced and released following E3, Trials of the Blood Dragon was met with criticism from many. The game its self is a mash up of the popular spin off from the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry: Blood Dragon and the incredibly popular Trials games in which you pilot a motocross bike over more and more difficult terrain as you try to reach the end of the level.

In order to take advantage of this offer you need to download the demo from uPlay, (You can do so by following this link.) and clear the demo in with 15 retries or less before the 31st of July. So you'd better be fast if you want to take advantage of this!



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Published Jul. 24th 2016

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