WARMACHINE: Tactics Released

Kickstarter project WARMACHINE: Tactics is now available for purchase and play. Delve into a realm of magic and machinery in this team turn-based game.

Another Kickstarter project has come to fruition; WARMACHINE: Tactics is now available for purchase on Steam!

WARMACHINE: Tactics is a squad-level, turn-based tactics game set in a world of magic and machinery. Choose a team of Warcasters, Warjacks, and Warriors to battle your foes. Warcasters have the ability to use magic and martial arts, and they can control Warjacks. Warjacks are gigantic, steam-powered automatons that heed their master's every thought, smashing and bashing on the Warcaster's command. Warriors support the team, filling positions such as infantrymen and gunners. All have their uses and all are necessary for a successful team. Warcasters react differently to varied combinations of Warriors and Warjacks, so you need to rotate your team around to see what suits you best.

Players can utilize singleplayer or multiplayer mode. The game focuses on squad-to-squad combat between factions. Gamers can choose one of four factions:


  • Cygnar, with cutting-edge technology
  • Cryx, with its undead "Nightmare Emprire"
  • the Protectorate of Menoth, with its fanatical devotion to the gods
  • Khador, with its conquest-driven imperialism


WARMACHINE: Tactics is based on the award-winning steampunk tabletop game by Privateer Press. The tabletop game won Best Fantasy Miniatures Rules of 2003, Best Fantasy Miniatures Series of 2003, Game of the Year at Origins in 2005, and Gamers Choice for Best Miniatures in 2005. Privateer Press teamed up with WhiteMoon Dreams, an independent digital entertainment company. They then launched a Kickstarter compaign to fund the project, raising $1,578,950.

Gameplay will stay fresh and fun, as new updates are released regularly in campaign and themed bundles. Updates will include new maps, units, and factions, so your gaming experience will be new every time.

WARMACHINE: Tactics is available online for $39.99 on Steam. Are you going to play?


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Published Nov. 23rd 2014

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